The bobber - LESSON 3
by Joe Smith



As promised the lesson will be on the Aura and how to use a bobber for this. I'll write this while I have the time, just print it out and put it in file. 

The human aura is an electric field around your body. There are several layers and different interpretations of them, which we won't get into here. I'm just going to show you how to find the aura and what happens when the person has had an injury. Remember about searching with a side ways motion (like a no motion). We did this standing in one spot turning your body around. This will be similar to that except you will be moving forward with the bob out to one side not pointed at the person. 

Ask some one to be your target and start in to search to find the edge of their aura. The bob will be searching for the edge of their aura and normally you should find it around hip high about 4-6 ft out , maybe closer on some. 

Now that you have found it have the person you are dowsing turn 1/4 turn at a time and do it all over again. Some times the aura is lopsided on some people. OK you now have found the outside edge. When you found it the bobber should have gone up and down (straight), Now lower the bobber and try again about knee height. You will notice the bobber will go a lot closer to the person. Now down to the ankle area . It should almost disappear , maybe just a few inches. While you're down there with the bobber going up and down start moving up slightly and notice the bobber leans out in its motion away from the body, This is telling you to move out as you go up in height. 

Do you remember how the bobber leaned when you got off target?? If you did your lesson you would. Follow the bobber out until it goes straight up and down again. Then up some more it will lean out again. By the method you can identify the outer edge of the whole aura. If that person had an injury at some time the aura will dip in to that area. Play with that feeling for a while. 

Now if you really think you know what you are doing , let's find the person's set of wings. Each of us has the aura of a set of angel wings, Hah Hah you say, well take your bobber and with the side ways motion search the back area of your target and you will find the hump of the wings just above the shoulder area. Follow it down around to the tip of the wings a couple of feet behind the person , go under that tip and the bobber will take you up the inside edge of the wings you can follow them all the way back up to the area above the hips in the back. 

Now to make this easy if you have no one for a target, just set a pair of shoes out on the floor and think of the person you want to dowse standing in those shoes. It will work just as well as if they were there. Sound far out? You ain't seen nothing yet. 

Hey guys settle down out there I got one more little trick for you to play with, Remember the pair of shoes and the aura above it?? Ok ,now get your shoes out and place them on the floor and step back about 6-7 ft. Ask your aura to go over and stand in those shoes so that you can dowse your own aura. You can even find your own wings. Now with some of you, check for horns. Don't forget to call it back when your through. Joe

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